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Salman Ikram

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  • Board and Committee Member:Studio Pottery.co.UK 
Board of Governor “Teveta”Juror:Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi.
National Collage of Arts, Lahore.
  • Selected Exhibitions:2007  National Exhibition, Islamabad.2006  Arts Council. Karachi.2005  Chawkandi Art, (solo). Karachi.

    2004  Ejaz Galleries, (solo). Lahore.

    2003  Nomad Gallery, (solo).Islamabad

    2003  Ceramics Tri annual, Arts Council, Karachi.

    2002  Urran Exhibition, Zenaini Gallery, Karachi.

    2002  National Exhibition, ALHamra, Lahore.

    2001  Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.

    2000  Journeys with the clay, Arts Council. Karachi.

    2000  V.M. Gallery, (solo), Karachi.

    1998  AUS-PAK, N.C.A. gallery, Lahore.