Cut and Paste

Author: Quddus Mirza | Publication: The News– Encore (p- 32) | Dated: 29 Oct 2000

For any conscious artist, it is a constant quest to discard the habit of repeating himself and to involve new imagery/ideas. This is not Continue reading

Seduced by the Subcontinent

Author: Rina Saeed Khan | Publication: Friday Times– Review (p- 11) | Dated: 8 July 1992

“I really love the subcontinent,” says Rusty Crump with a smile as he ushers us into his lounge. Sipping iced tea and munching brownies while Continue reading

Chromatic Odyssey

Author: Salwat Ali | Publication: The Review – Dawn (p-24) | Dated: 9 Nov 2002

Afshar Malik’s paintings are freely improvised and intuitive works created with a spirit of spontaneity. He aspires to exist in a poetic realm, one Continue reading


Author: Naiza Khan | Publication: The Friday Times– Art (p- 18) | Dated: 8 Dec 2000

I see Afshar Malik’s current work against the multiple threads of printmaking activity that have been his medium of choice up till now. Continue reading