Capturing the Transient Emotions

Author: Marjorie Husain

In the last/of the golden dusk/just then/when the room lights up In that moment/night and day become one This day/and the next become one/ Our coming together/ in that moment Just for a moment Continue reading

Amorous Words Dangerous Loves

Author: Quddus Mirza | Publication: Encore - (p.32) | Dated: 4 Nov 2012

Can lace life is a haunts and is a compeering one. Drawing inspiration, imagery and content from life art, in some cases, does become a substitute of life. Continue reading

Reflections on Relationships

Author: Peerzada Salman | Publication: Dawn - Metro (p.16) | Dated: 9 Nov 2012

KARACHI, Nov 8: The three-day solo exhibition of Nazar Haidri’s paintings titled Music on Canvas concluded at the Arts Council on Thursday. Continue reading

Drawing on Inner Strength

Author: Ayesha Khan | Publication: Dawn - Art Fiend (p.6) | Dated: 18 Jan 2003

It was Anwar Saeed’s second solo in Karachi within a year which took off with a bang fulfilling the expectations aroused by his earlier show held at the Canvas Gallery. Continue reading

Neat Prints Promote the Medium

Author: Mohammad Jami | Publication: Art Scene

Two printmakers, who are being credited to have pioneered group workshop activities in the National College of Art in Lahore, have displayed their fresh etchings Continue reading

Etched in the Mind

Author: Sairah Irshad | Publication: The Herald - Fine Arts (p.124) | Dated: Apr 1988

Printmaking, considered an integral and vital part of the artwork of the west today, has been largely neglected in Pakistan. But things are changing, and contributing Continue reading

Double – Vision

Author: Gregory Minissale | Dated: 7 Apr 1988

Printing is like learning to play a sitar, you have to do it every day for years to get better and better,” says Anwar Saeed, one half of the duo from Lahore displaying Continue reading

Printmaking in Pakistan

Author: Salima Hashmi | Publication: Creativity

The official projection of any art in Pakistan is both whimsical and ephemeral. Walking into a concert, play, or gallery, one is quite unable to ascertain the real state of Continue reading