An Artist of Technical Perfection

Author: Hameed Zaman | Publication: Friday Muslim– (p- 5) | Dated: 14 Feb 1992

The decorative extravaganza with high price tags created by the Lahore artist Askari Mian lrani, opened in Karachi. Last week at the Chawkandi Art, Continue reading

Expression in Gold and Clay

Author: Niilofur Farrukh | Publication: Karachi Art Scene | Dated: 24 Jan 1992

Karachi has become the centre of art where artists from all over the country bring their work. ln a country where national art exhibitions Continue reading

Moghul Melange

Author: Mohammad Jami | Publication: The Herald (p- 85) | Dated: Sept 1988

The work of Askari Mian Irani, who teaches in the NCA’s design department, has somehow always managed to be much more than mere design. Continue reading

Echoes from the Past

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Art– Review (p- 20) | Dated: 28 Jan 1992

Perhaps it is a lack of modern day creative stimulation that leads artists into the future, looking over their shoulders to a seemingly richer Continue reading

Between the Big and Small

Author: Niilofur Farrukh | Publication: Karachi Art Scene | Dated: 1 May 1992

After weeks of dormancy, Karachi has come alive with an art show almost after every few days. A major event was the group show at Chawkhandi Art where Continue reading