The Colours of Sindh

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review–Art | Dated: 5 Mar 1998

Displayed at the Chawkandi Art, the third solo exhibition of water-colourist Ghalib Baqar is a colourful affair, whereby Continue reading

The Medium or the Message?

Author: Dr Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald–Fine Art (p.131) | Dated: Apr 1998

Painters and sculptors have always spoken their minds through their respective media. But more recently, a number of contemporary Continue reading

Painting Water with Water

Author: Shamim Akhter | Publication: Daily News–Week Mag.(p.3) | Dated: 31 Jan 2004

The first winter showers and Ghalib Baqar’s watercolour painting exhibition in the city went hand in hand. As if Ghalib foresaw Continue reading

A Painter of the Soil

Author: Shamim Akhter | Publication: Unknown | Dated: Not Known

A graduate from Karachi School of Art, Ghalib Baqar can rightly be called a painter of the soil. Though he has also used oil as Continue reading

Aqua Perceptions

Author: Shamim Akhter | Publication: The Nation–Art (p.10) | Dated: 31 Jan 2004

An exhibition of 34 watercolour paintings by Ghalib Baqar is currently on at Chawkandi Art, Karachi. Continue reading