Spiritual Affinities

Author: Mussarat Mirza | Publication: Dawn - Gallery (p.4-5) | Dated: 3 May 2008

Recently one experienced the rare phenomenon of two art luminaries, Mussarat Mirza and Meher Afroz, showing their work together at the Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi, Continue reading

Agony and Ecstasy

Author: Salwat Ali | Publication: Newsline - Artline (p.132) | Dated: May 2008

Felt experiences, provoked by external realities or as manifestations of personal beliefs, are essentially subjective in character. Chawkandi Art’s two-person show, featuring Continue reading

Fertile yet Forceful

Chawkandi Art exhibited the works of two maestros of painting: Mehr Afroz and Mussarat Mirza. Both single women, the artists have much ln common – they shy away from the Western ideologue of feminism, preferring to draw upon their cultural heritage and sensibilities. Yet, both speak Continue reading


Author: Meher Afroz / Mussarat Mirza | Publication: Art&Artist | Dated: 15 Apr 2008

Chawkandi Art Gallery reception on the tagig of an exhibition of paintings by Meher Afroz and Mussarat Mirza on 15th April 2008. lt sounds like yesterday when the two Continue reading

The Battleground that is Life

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Dawn - The Review (p.13) | Dated: 25 Nov 1 Dec 1999

Chawkandi Art has succeeded in bringing about the welcome collaboration of two distinguished artists, Meher Afroz and Mussarat Mirza. The unusual alliance which brings together approximately forty paintings Continue reading


Author: Shamim Akhtar | Publication: Unknown - Art&Artist | Dated: Jan 2005

Chawkandi Art hosted as exhibition of recent paintings titled “Pindar” by Afroz on 11 January 2005. The show will continue until 19 January 2005. Although Afroz’s works appear in group shows held at various art Continue reading

Narrative Interrupted

Author: Asim Butt | Publication: The Herald - Fine Arts (p.116) | Dated: Feb 2005

Veteran artist Meher Afroz mounted an unusual show at Karachi’s Chawkandi Art Gallery last month. Titled Pindar, the exhibition is hinged on the universal concerns of self and spirituality. Though successful in the Continue reading

The Prisons within

Author: Rumana Husain | Publication: Daily Dawn - Gallery (Interview) | Dated: 19 Jan 2002

There is a discrepancy between seeing an object and knowing it. One has to imagine as well as perceive with several other faculties of the mind in order to understand what the eyes see. Meher has been trying to Continue reading

Mehr Afroz: A Philosopher Artist

Author: Sheni Humayun | Dated: Jan 1993

Petite and comely, Mehr Afroz’s latest exhibition of 26 paintings at Ms. Zehra Hussain’s Chawkandi Art (from 30th Jan. until 10th Feb.) is known as Amulet Series.All her Amulet paintings are untitled, because “titles limit one’s thinking and horizon”, Continue reading

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