Urban Interiors

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review (p-14) | Dated: 3 Apr 1997

A whirligig of colour, patterns, shapes and forms crowd the surfaces of Moeen Faruqi’s paintings, leading the eye on a merry dance. The carnival Continue reading

Days of Our Lives

Author: Niilofur Farrukh | Publication: Newsline (p-88) | Dated: May 1997

Moin Faruqi’s newest paintings, on display at Chawkandi Art, are portraits of our lives. The works are like pages from the diary of an urban Continue reading

Pure Pleasure

Author: Wahab Jaffer | Publication: Friday Times (p-11) | Dated: 2 May 1997

Once a businessman, Wahab Jaffer fell under the magic spell of Ahmed Pervez’s art. He began to spend more and more time with the Master, took up paint Continue reading

Vivid Canvases

Author: Razeshta Sethna | Publication: Friday Times (p-11) | Dated: 2 May 1997

Moeen Farooqi’s latest exhibition at Chawkandi Art Gallery interprets life and its moods through visually vivid canvases, with a focus on the Continue reading

The Art of Escaping

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald – Fine Art (p-146) | Dated: May 1997

Writing about Moeen Faruqi’s recent exhibition has ended up becoming an obligation to salvage him from his admirers. One reviewer, for Continue reading

Life in an Urban Setting

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review (p- 18) | Dated: 11 Apr 1998

Dashing colour, fragmented symbols, and elongated heads set on long necks and primitive figures, jostle for space in the frenetic canvases Continue reading