Drawing Attention

Author: Lubna Agha | Publication: Unknown | Dated: Not Known

Nahid Raza is a fighter who refuses to give up, the relict that survives despite a hostile milieu. Warring against life‘s injustices Continue reading

Better Than Ever

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Art–Review-(p.12) | Dated: 10 Dec 1996

Entering a new phase of her work, Nahid Raza makes a reaffirmation of an aesthetic commitment to the theme of women‘s causes. While Continue reading

Pictures and Objects

Author: Aasim Akhtar | Publication: Encore–(p.32) | Dated: 25 Mar 2012

The response of artists today to the experience or the idea of the holy pilgrimage is manifested in a great many ways Continue reading

Nuances on “Women”

Author: Jami | Publication: The Star–Gallery (p.11) | Dated: 22 Aug 1991

ln all art forms, little nuances, imaginatively conceived painstakingly evolved, go a long way. An artist who has been painting Continue reading

Nahid at Chawkandi

Author: Unknown | Publication: Dawn | Dated: 25 Jan 2002

KARACHI: Painter Nahid Raza’s latest work goes on display at Chawkandi Art today (Tuesday) at an opening reception from 5.30pm to 8pm. Continue reading