Point of Departure

Author: Niilofur Farrukh

The female form is central to Naiza Khan’s work on display at the Chawkhandi Art in Karachi. She has used it as “… a point of departure. Trying to get beyond the Continue reading

Between the Lines

Publication: Newsline - Art Line

Currently on show at Karachi’s Chawkaridi Gallery, is Naiza Khan’s first solo exhibition. In more than 30 paintings, woodcut prints and charcoal drawings on display, Continue reading

Homage of Women Painters

Publication: Time - Review (p.11)

Homage to Frida Kahlo was the title of one of the paintings at the recent group show at Ziggurat. Yet none of the reviews I read commented on the powerful connections Continue reading

Where More is Less

Author: Niilofer Farrukh | Publication: Newsline - Art Line | Dated: Nov/Dec 1993

When Meher Afroz exhibits, it isn’t merely a display- it’s a happening. And gallery Chawkandi’s recent exhibition clearly illustrates why. Meher is not a prolific Continue reading

Point of Departure

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Newsline - Art Line (p.18) | Dated: Nov 1993

The future of art belongs to, as yet unknown artists in forms unforeseeable at present as norms constantly change. In the ‘50’s, Bridget Riley was an inconspicuous Continue reading

Naiza Khan: a whiff of fresh air

Author: Amar Ali | Publication: Newsline - Art Line | Dated: Oct 2000

To get out of being stuck you have to branch out. Hence the continuing experiments. Drawings, paintings, collages, etchings, engravings, calligraphy, Continue reading

Disparate Voices

Author: Amar Ali | Publication: Newsline - Art Line | Dated: Oct 2000

Naiza Khan shows at Chawkandi art her mixed-media work titled ‘Voices Merge.’ The exhibition incorporates the strong drawing Continue reading

Spirit in Chains

Author: Nillofur Farrukh | Publication: Newsline - Art Line | Dated: June 2004

In the twentieth century, battles against the oppression of women, the pill and legal abortion will be counted as territorial gains. Continue reading