Conflict at the Core

Author: S. Hashmi’s Tal Matol | Publication: The News - (p.28) | Dated: 6 July 1997

Painter and printmaker, Anwar Saeed is a tribe of one. His personal demons and their exorcism, his personal obsessions and the symbols they evoke, provide imagery Continue reading

Different Strokes

Author: Amra Ali | Publication: Newsline - (p.135) | Dated: Nov 1998

“Amural,” said painter Richard smith. “Should be like a piece of Mozart: well mannered, not grabbing you by the lapels, complex and challenging only when you Continue reading

Prints and Ceramics from Lahore

Publication: The Star | Dated: 30 Nov 1995

An intriguing exhibition of prints and ceramics is currently underway at Chawkandi Art Gallery in Clifton. On display are the works of two prominent Lahore artists, Afshar Malik and Anwar Saeed. The exhibits Continue reading

Blurred Vision

Author: Dr. A Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - Annual (p.288) | Dated: Jan 1993

What intrigued one about Anwar Saeed’s recent exhibition, held at the Chawkandi Art Gallery in Karachi last month, were some misquoted lines from the American poet Continue reading

A Collection of Prints by Anwar Saeed

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review - (p.14) | Dated: 18 Dec 1995

Painter, print-maker Anwar Saeed was instrumental in setting up the department of print-making at the National College of Arts, Lahore in 1985. Since then Continue reading

Afshar Malik’s Observations

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review - (p.13) | Dated: 12 Dec 1995

In Afshar Malik’s display of prints at Chawkandi Art, Clifton, he records his life and experiences with wry humour. The etchings and a number of ceramic pieces, refer to Continue reading

Unavoidable Meeting

Publication: Karachi Art Scene - (p.4)

The empty spaces resound with mystic songs as man searches for answers to life’s questions in Anwar Saeed’s canvases. Continue reading

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