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Author: Mehreen Abid | Publication: Daily Mess. - (p.8) Eventfully | Dated: 15 Dec. 2009

KARACHI, Dec 10. A solo exhibition of Samina Mansuri was started at Chowkandi Arts Gallery from Dec 9 which would continue till Dec 16. Continue reading

Underground Art

Author: Naiza Khan | Publication: The Friday Time (p.11) | Dated: 25 Feb 2000

Samina Mansuri’s current exhibition at Karachi’s Chawkandi art gallery is a radical departure from her previous work. It consists of 127 drawings, which were made during Continue reading

A Bruch with the Past

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review (p.22) | Dated: 20 Mar 1997

It could have been an exhilarating affair with foreign and local artists getting together to work on the ancient and mystic site of Moenjodaro. Sadly, the event laden with Continue reading

Strange Fruit

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - (p.278) | Dated: Jan 1993

For their first exhibition in Pakistan, held at Chawkandi Art Gallery in Karachi last month, Samina Mansuri and Julianne Pagano put their trust in fruits and a flower. Continue reading

Subtle Interplay

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - (p.122) | Dated: May 1993

The Ziggurat art gallery with its colonial architectural ambience and its young, superior-looking owner has established itself as a place where both quality and variety Continue reading

Sisters in Art

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - Annual (p.286) | Dated: Jan 1994

Nahid Raza’s Karachi exhibition, held in late November, is a good point of reference to reflect on the place of women painters in Pakistan‘s array of contemporary Continue reading

Westward Hue

Author: Niilofur Farrukh | Publication: Newsline - (p.107) | Dated: Jan 1993

The eighties have seen the emergence of a new generation of artists who have lived and studied for long periods in the west. They are brimming with original ideas Continue reading

Back to the Zenana

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - (p.136) | Dated: Aug 1994

An exhibition of fifty paintings and two pieces of sculpture by women artists from Pakistan will visit Bradford and be shown at the city’s Arts Museum on October 7. Fifteen Continue reading

Closed Circuits

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - Fine Arts (p.146) | Dated: Aug 1995

I almost did not write this review; because there was no way I would have seen the paintings destined for Huddersfield, somewhere in England. But destiny intervened Continue reading

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