‘My Primitives’ Wood Carvings

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: Hostage– Smoked Persian | Dated: Jan 1992-94

Shahid Sajjad found his first primitives in the Chittagong hill tracts; those in the exhibition came from the terrain of his experience. Continue reading

Trial by Fire

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald - Fine Arts (p.114) | Dated: Nov 1993

It is not customary to look at the work of a sculptor through the eyes of a poet, but Shahid Sajjad, whose quiet authority is well-established in Pakistani art Continue reading

Colour of Change

Author: Sairah Irshad Khan | Publication: Newsline - (p.102) | Dated: May 1992

It was almost surreal. Imagine the dark brooding canvas of Jamal Shah coming alive in a riot of colour and movement. Or Salima Hashmi’s stark, pristine, water colour Continue reading

Art for Generation X

Author: Moeen Faruqi | Publication: Dawn | Dated: 3 Apr 1997

KARACHI, April 2; Moeen Faruqi paints in a different style from most other painters in the Karachi art scene. He says he likes to have human faces in his works Continue reading

Expressionism in Sculpture

Author: Fabrizio Mirandale

Shahid Sajjad has come a long way since the adventurous sixties before he became Pakistan’s foremost sculptor. He remembers when in the Louvre he was so inspired by the sculptures of the nineteenth Continue reading

The Art of Shahid Sajjid

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Dawn - Review (p.14) | Dated: 15 Nov 1994

The friends and family of the renowned sculptor, Shahid Sajjad, have the reassuring confidence of knowing where to find him. He is invariably in his studio workshop. Continue reading

Gentle Savages

Author: Moni Mohsin | Publication: The Friday Time - Review (p.17) | Dated: 24 Nov 1994

Shahid Sajjad’s primitives have few conventional charms. Their bodies are thick-set, their features simian. They have low foreheads, close-set eyes and prominent noses. Continue reading

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