Clay Movements

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review– Dawn (p.23) | Dated: 16 Nov 2002

Exhibited at the Chawkandi Art, Shazia Zuberi’s light, lively clay forms, reverberate with movement, a continuation of the young Continue reading

The Good Earth

Author: Sheherbano Hussain | Publication: Newsline– Artline (p.101) | Dated: Oct 2000

Eleven contemporary ceramicists, from pioneers to newcomers, displayed their unique and individual approach to the medium Continue reading

Clay Feat

Author: Amra Ali | Publication: Newsline– Artline | Dated: Dec 2000

“The Shyok and Indus conversation… two rivers originating in Tibet, flow parallel to each other for 700 kilometres, and finally Continue reading

Contemporary Ceramics

Author: UnKnown | Publication: Dawn– (p.11) | Dated: 13 Nov 2011

Exhibiting after a hiatus of nine years, ceramist Shazia Zuberi’s current solo. ‘Attrition`, at Chawkandi Art, Karachi, proves once Continue reading

Conceptual Figurines in Clay

Author: Nadeem Zuberi | Publication: Business Recorder– Weekend | Dated: 26 Nov 2011

The earliest ceramics known to us are the pottery objects unearthed during excavations of old civilizations buried tor thousands of years. Continue reading