A Sweet Madness

Author: Victor Anant | Publication: The star – (p-4) | Dated: 26 Jan 1989

To watch Wahab Jaffer painting, is a joy because, in a very special way, each painting is, in itself, a performance, and each performance Continue reading

Heart of Brightness

Author: Gregory Minissale | Publication: The Herald – Fine Art (p-67) | Dated: Feb 1989

Over the years, Wahab Jaffer’s work has blossomed into something quite distinct and positive. His recent exhibition at the Continue reading

Exotic Beings

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Dawn – Gallery (p-3) | Dated: 19 Jan 2002

Angled lines and exuberant curves weave a pattern around curious winged creatures and gentle, mask-like faces. The sharp contrast Continue reading

Rise and Fall

Author: Dr Akbar Naqvi | Publication: The Herald – Fine Art | Dated: Dec 1994

In the works of the two painters exhibiting at Chawkandi Art and the Indus Gallery, the centre stage seems to be occupied by the theme Continue reading

A Feast for the Eyes

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Art Mart | Dated: Not Known

Wahab Jaffer’s presence in Pakistan’s art circles goes back to the early seventies, when he first appeared at Ali Imam‘s studio in Karachi. Continue reading

The Soft Explosion of Colour

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Art – Review (p-18) | Dated: 11 Aug 1992

Vivid surfaces and tumultuous patterns make explosive appearances in the latest paintings of Wahab Jaffer. There are two distinct Continue reading