A Jewel in Miniature

Author: Shamim Akhter | Publication: Daily News- Weekend (p.3) | Dated: 24 Sep 2005

An exhibition of miniature paintings by Waseem Ahmed opened at Clifton Art Gallery on September 15. The show will continue until September 27. Continue reading

Worn Out Message

Author: Murad Khan Mumtaz | Publication: The Friday Times (p.24) | Dated: 8 Sep 2006

Last week the Zahoor-ul-lkhlaq gallery at the National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore held a preview of Waseem Ahmad’s latest work. Continue reading

Art and Fantasy

Author: Salwat Ali | Publication: Artline- Newsline (p.125) | Dated: Nov 2004

Wasim Ahmed’s solo exhibition of contemporary miniatures at Chawkandi Art was a cheeky blend of pop, fantasy and underground art Continue reading

Success and After

Author: Quddus Mirza | Publication: The News - Encore (p.28) | Dated: 2 Oct 2003

The story of Waseem Ahmed is not detached from the large narrative of miniature art in Pakistan. Though the word narrative can Continue reading

Waseem’s Paintings at Chawkandi

Author: Shamim Akhter | Publication: Daily News - Weekend (p.3) | Dated: 16 Oct 2004

An exhibition of 32 exquisite miniature paintings by Waseem Ahmed, a Lahore based artist opened at Chawkandi Art on 5th October. Continue reading

Art & Artist

Author: Shamim Akhter | Publication: Daily News- (p.3) | Dated: Not Known

A group exhibition of miniature paintings opened at Chawkandi on 20th August to run until 28th August 2002. Continue reading

Women, Beasts or Demons

Author: Quddus Mirza | Publication: The News- Encore(p.32) | Dated: 12 Apr 2009

The newspaper world, like that of the wild beasts, exists solely in the present” Karel Capek The above comment by the Czech author Continue reading