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Afshar Malik, Anwar Saeeds Painting Exhibitions …

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Latest works of two noted artist – Afshar Malik and Anwar Saeed – go on display separately at Chawkandi Art Gallery (Clifton) today at 5.30 p.m.

Afshar has made a name both at home and abroad. Anwar Saeed has been known to outside world since 1985 but is a familiar name to Pakistani art lovers since the seventies. His first ex-Pakistan exhibition was held in London in 1985. This year, he has already participated in three group exhibitions at Jordan, Dhaka and Lahore.

As for Afshar Malik who is Assistant Professor at National College of Arts Lahore, it would suffice to say that he too has taken part in host of group shows including in Jordan- Amman, London and USA and has already held two major exhibitions this year.