Sumaya Durrani

Author: Salima Hashmi | Publication: Facelous Nude (p.11) | Dated: 1995

Sumaya Durrani’s works have travelled a great distance from her 1986 exhibition in Lahore. It is difficult to know where to make the Continue reading

A Case for Provocation

Author: Salima Hashmi | Publication: Art (p.87) | Dated: Not Known

SUMAYA DURRANI`S WORKS IN PROGRESS VII AT THE Chawkandi Art Gallery have travelled a great distance from her 1986 exhibition in Lahore. Continue reading

Time, Space and Soul

Author: Nafisa Rizvi | Publication: The Herald (p 114) | Dated: July 2009

Sumayya Durrani has embarked on a journey of discovery and wants us to keep up. It is a tough demand, considering that after a hiatus of seven years Continue reading

Obsession with the Naked Truth

Author: Hameed Zaman | Publication: The News | Dated: 20 Jan 1995

Perhaps Sumaya Durrani is one of the few female artists who is blatantly feminist, a woman of nerve who, it looks, has devoted her art so Continue reading

The Dark Side

Author: Firuza Pastakia | Publication: The Herald - Fine Art (p.158) | Dated: Aug 1991

Ahazy dream turns into a nightmare as dark, forbidding corridors and tall, ominous archways tower above a viewer made to feel childlike and Continue reading

Black is Beautiful

Author: Dr. Akbar Naqvi | Publication: Pakistan Illustrated Wek (p.39) | Dated: 15 Oct 1991

In the last few months, we have been lectured twice by painters from Lahore, who had come down to Karachi for exhibition of their works. Continue reading

Examining Frames of Reference

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Dawn Gallery (p.5) | Dated: 20 May 2006

Visiting Sumaya Durrani at the Textile Institute of Pakistan, about 40 kms out of Karachi where she is currently artist in residence, was an invigorating Continue reading

The Darkness of Black Lace

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review (p.14) | Dated: Nov/Dec 1993

Sumaya Durrani’s exhibition of artworks at the Chawkandi Art, Clifton, is the most cerebral stimulating display seen in a long time. The artist’s Continue reading

Cold Canvas

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Art Mart | Dated: Not Known

In her recent show at Chawkandi Art, Sumaiya Durrani appears to be attempting to open a dialogue with the viewer. Her theme: how men perceive women. Continue reading

A Touch of the Mystical

Author: Zephyr | Publication: The Star (p- 4) | Dated: 23 Jan 1986

There has always been a touch of the mystical in Mussarat Mirza’s work. Delicate nuances of line on line, tone on tone, deepen into cave-like images, bursting Continue reading

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