Pictures and Objects

Author: Aasim Akhtar | Publication: Encore–(p.32) | Dated: 25 Mar 2012

The response of artists today to the experience or the idea of the holy pilgrimage is manifested in a great many ways Continue reading

Nuances on “Women”

Author: Jami | Publication: The Star–Gallery (p.11) | Dated: 22 Aug 1991

ln all art forms, little nuances, imaginatively conceived painstakingly evolved, go a long way. An artist who has been painting Continue reading

Nahid at Chawkandi

Author: Unknown | Publication: Dawn | Dated: 25 Jan 2002

KARACHI: Painter Nahid Raza’s latest work goes on display at Chawkandi Art today (Tuesday) at an opening reception from 5.30pm to 8pm. Continue reading

Between the Real and the Surreal

Author: Salwat Ali | Publication: Dawn–Gallery (p.11) | Dated: 21 Oct 2012

Qamar Siddiqui’s latest exhibition at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi, centralises on the element of ‘struggle’ that human beings Continue reading

Skill and Art

Author: Peerzada Salman | Publication: Dawn | Dated: 19 Oct

KARACHI, Oct 19: Sometimes obvious symbolism in art can put off the viewer. The only way to steer clear of that path is to skilfully Continue reading

Art at Heart

Author: Salima Hashmi | Publication: Art– (p.39) | Dated: Friday

lt is tempting to explain the meteoric advance of contemporary Pakistani art as a ‘ne-off` phenomenon, but those who have followed Continue reading

Energy across the Canvas

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Dawn | Dated: 3 May 2009

Many of Qamar Siddiqui’s pictures are occupied by strange, mystic figures. The large scale, Narrative work rendered in oil and acrylic paint Continue reading

A Sweet Madness

Author: Victor Anant | Publication: The star – (p-4) | Dated: 26 Jan 1989

To watch Wahab Jaffer painting, is a joy because, in a very special way, each painting is, in itself, a performance, and each performance Continue reading

Heart of Brightness

Author: Gregory Minissale | Publication: The Herald – Fine Art (p-67) | Dated: Feb 1989

Over the years, Wahab Jaffer’s work has blossomed into something quite distinct and positive. His recent exhibition at the Continue reading

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