The Old and the New

Author: Salwat Ali | Publication: Dawn – Gallery (p-2) | Dated: 23 Aug 2008

Miniature took centre stage once again as a solo exhibition by artist Asif Ahmed, titled ‘Narration and transformation’ went on show Continue reading

Power of the Kingmaker

Author: Quddus Mirza | Publication: The News – Encore(p- 34) | Dated: 17 Aug 2008

While the Western societies were busy inventing electricity, automobiles, telephone, computer, internet and other technologies, our society Continue reading

Layered Imagery

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: The Review – (p-12) | Dated: 21 Aug 1997

I first encountered Faiza Butt’s work at the 7th National Exhibition of Art held in Islamabad in ’96, and was completely bowled over. Continue reading

Curiouser and Curiouser…

Author: Zehra Laila Javeri | Publication: The Herald – Art File (p-150) | Dated: Sept 1997

Faiza’s work, on show earlier at the Chawkandi art gallery, crosses cultural boundaries in an attempt to mesh eastern mythological images with Continue reading

Art and Soul

Author: Niilofur Farrukh | Publication: Newsline – (p- 110) | Dated: Sept 1997

At first glance, the work of Faiza Butt (on display at Gallery Chawkandi in August), does not allow easy access. The levitating forms, the Continue reading

The Art of Experimenting

Author: Marjorie Husain | Publication: Preview | Dated: Not Known

Safdar Ali Qureshi is an artist whose work involves a piquant revival of traditional skills with the intervention of contemporary viewpoint Continue reading

Cut and Paste

Author: Quddus Mirza | Publication: The News– Encore (p- 32) | Dated: 29 Oct 2000

For any conscious artist, it is a constant quest to discard the habit of repeating himself and to involve new imagery/ideas. This is not Continue reading

Seduced by the Subcontinent

Author: Rina Saeed Khan | Publication: Friday Times– Review (p- 11) | Dated: 8 July 1992

“I really love the subcontinent,” says Rusty Crump with a smile as he ushers us into his lounge. Sipping iced tea and munching brownies while Continue reading

Chromatic Odyssey

Author: Salwat Ali | Publication: The Review – Dawn (p-24) | Dated: 9 Nov 2002

Afshar Malik’s paintings are freely improvised and intuitive works created with a spirit of spontaneity. He aspires to exist in a poetic realm, one Continue reading


Author: Naiza Khan | Publication: The Friday Times– Art (p- 18) | Dated: 8 Dec 2000

I see Afshar Malik’s current work against the multiple threads of printmaking activity that have been his medium of choice up till now. Continue reading

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