For over three decades, Chawkandi Art Gallery has curated and nurtured the most compelling artists. Its exhibitions and gatherings have created new forms of expression, and a hub that ignites and inspires.

Heralding the contemporary miniature art movement with its first group show, it was also the sole gallery in Pakistan for the late, iconic Zarina Hashmi.

Chawkandi’s founder Zohra Husain, a doyenne of the Karachi art scene, brought a cultural sophistication to the gallery, creating a space where stalwarts like artist Zahoor ul Akhlaq and architect Habib Fida Ali, could assemble. Through the decades, Chawkandi has been instrumental in facilitating and supporting collectors and buyers, steering them and artists in interesting linkages. The gallery exclusively represented the works of Zahoor ul Aklaq and Shahid Sajjad. Chawkandi Art continues to be a reliable dealer of authentic works of masters such as Chughtai, Sadequain Ahmed Pervaiz, Bashir Mirza, Colin David and Ismail Gulgee among others.

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