B Muzaffarnagar, India, 1937). Pakistani sculptor. The most prominent sculptor in Pakistan in the late 20th century, Sajjad pioneered the art form and gave itcredibility. He had neither tradition to follow nor models to emulate since Pakistan, created in 1947 as a Muslim country, did not encourage three-dimensionalart. At a young age Sajjad became interested in calligraphy and soon mastered the skill. He practiced drawing and carefully observed signboard painters at work. He became a successful commercial artist, dabbling in film-making and painting. A restless soul, he spent three years traveling in Europe and Asia on a motorcycle. Sajjad was particularly fascinated by the wood-carvings of Bali, the Philippines and Japan, and by reliefs in wood by Paul Gauguin in the Musée du Louvre, Paris.

I Have Learnt To Listen To The Dictates Of My Material”

Horizontal Interference In An Australian Forest

My Primitives Wood Carvings