Amazing World Of Surreal Landscapes

DATED: 25 SEP 2010

An amazing world with bizarre landscapes and strange creatures welcome the visitors at Chawkandi Art Gallery where impressive works of Tassaduq Sohail, a leading contemporary artist were on display.

Tassaduq is a paradox thinker who paints a world of his own between fact and fantasy. His works are like a surreal kingdom having a landscape with both humans and beasts. His paintings show a peaceful environment where people and animals live in harmony.

His canvases are amusingly unusual. He wants to represent the subconscious mind by creating fantastic imagery and juxtaposing elements that seems to contradict each other.

He has a profound connection with the images he creates, he says a lot in a limited space.

Every painting tells a different story by means of images. He paints queer landscapes with various characters and symbols defining a story to the viewer. Through his paintings he portrays an imaginary world of his own. In a way he seeks an ideal world to live in.

His paintings show too many things together in a place thus saying a lot in a limited space. His work is representational documenting life around him full of symbols, trees, flies, castles, fish, mermaids, men, birds, serpents and sometimes nudes. People appreciate his paintings as they sense a story in it.

The subjects of his paintings are sombre showing characters in bold and bright colours. The world has all new meaning on his canvas, different beasts, men and women emerged and merged softly in the paintings.

ln ancient times animals and human figures appear together symbolizing human bond with the nature. Keeping that in mind Tassaduq reinvent this mood of expression and practice it in his own dimension. Mythical creatures decorate his canvas along with voluptuous women figures and mermaids.

His works depict an impossible way of life bathed in glowing colours enchanting fantasy where everything seems possible.

The bold experimentation with the blend of imagination and realism in oils and water colours results in paintings rich in colours and soothing texture. The amalgam of modernity and symbolism provides a beautiful synthesis of creativity.

He symbolise strength and power by elephants and horses creating a vivid texture. His knowledge in human anatomy can be seen in female figures. He applies his artistic delicacy and sensibility in a perfect manner.

The exquisite work full of figures revealing emotions, moods and expressions speak for his command over the content and technique.

His work is descriptive. You can see countless figures appearing on the canvas, struggling to find space. Everyone can derive a different meaning from a canvas according to their observations.

Figurative abstract, non-representational abstract paintings by Tassaduq portray a natural phenomenon of balance between human beings and other animals beasts of imagination. His work is almost in miniature style. Tassaduq has been a practicing professional for over five decades. A striking feature of his work is the titles of his paintings.

There are flowers, curious faces, snakes, trees, swimming mermaid, elephants, serpent and all kinds of mythical beasts, and also bearded man and voluptuous women journey through the canvas with animals and morphed creatures.