Conceptual Figurines In Clay

DATED: 26 NOV 2011

The earliest ceramics known to us are the pottery objects unearthed during excavations of old civilizations buried tor thousands of years. The pottery objects show primitive signs of an in the form of various pictures of animals, flowers and tools and some inscriptions on these pots, thus leaving some clues for us to understand those age old civilizations.

Therefore form ancient times ceramics has its roots in human society and clay is a medium provided by nature to mould in different forms and styles according to needs and aesthetics.

The coloured, smooth surface of glazed and fired exquisite ceramics by Shazia Zuberi at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi shows the variation in this art. Under the title “Attrition” Shazia creates conceptual figurines in clay preserving the imprints in it.

Her works reflect her relationship with clay and visual expression and establishes a unique voice in the form of ceramics. Calligraphic text, human faces, animal forms, primal linear markings, and different designs on ceramics feature her masterly skills. The ceramics are the portrayal of life and its experiences linking the inner feelings and moods of a person in general.

The human faces – man and woman both gives the feelings of morality and ethics. The human faces depict various human conditions. A few works depicts national animal Markhor used to represent this region. Stunning reliefs with figures that explore human moods, feelings along with beautiful hues of nature makes her work impressive.

Technically she has worked with earthenware clay using slip glazes – an interesting technique which gives a natural old appearance to the object as if it was buried for years.

The collection of works served as an eye-catching attraction for art lovers and students who got an opportunity to witness the art which blends contemporary techniques and unique emotional drawings.

The bright colours amalgamated with dull hues created vibrant impressions that harmoniously juxtaposed various parts making the inner self of the artist invisible and giving her works an imaginative freedom.

Her subject is nature she combine different forms of colour and element in nature to find wisdom, completeness and perfection.

She focussed on the inner non physical experience about love and life which brought the glimpses of woman and man in reliefs and spirituality, Sufism through layers of colours and calligraphy. The metallic look of human figures captures both symbolism and a theme behind every work.