Hot Favourites from Pakistan Art Forum Show – The Express Tribune

Dated: 03 – April -2022

The Pakistan Art Forum, established in 2014, has become an invaluable resource for the local art market with a forum for over 40,000 art enthusiasts, an engaging social media presence, a global sales website launched last year and culminating into a fully functional art gallery. It was recently launched in Lahore where their inaugural show, ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ showcased the work of emerging artists from all across Pakistan and it is very much predicted that these rising talents will be prominent names in the art industry in the coming years. Curated by Imtisal Zafar, the show featured a wide range of works from oil and acrylic paintings, to sculptures, miniatures, charcoal sketches and the most talked about augmented reality segment at the show, with 22 artists from all across Pakistan on display. Even though all artists did a tremendous display of works, the following were our top picks.

AB Rehman

Arguably one of the most eye-catching segments of the show, the augmented reality artworks by AB Rehman was a futuristic display of works that fused technology and art. Viewers had to scan a QR code displayed next to the paintings, which prompted them to download an app that provided an interface to view the paintings. And each painting jumped to life on your mobile screen. To no surprise AB’s works were sold out.

Ali Gillani

Ali Gillani’s works, on the other hand, were more mellow and somber. His miniature technique was mastered in three works that he displayed at the show, including one larger-than-life depiction of the demonic side of human beings.