Imran Qureshi A Distinct Miniature Painter


Muhammed Imran Qureshi, a recognised Miniature artist has a distinct personal style. Courageounsy he ventured into new way of seeing and depicting his experiences. His new works are minimal in nature but profound in terms of concept and construction. They combine, as always in his work, an undercurrent of a subtle combination of humour and politics, two elements indispensable to survive in our surroundings. Humorously he shoots rockets from the thrones of the kings on his wasli (paper base for painting).

Imran is one of those few artists who have understand the complexities of this genre and approached it with creative sensibility. Imran says with surety. “For me past is another country.” He has passed over the past hence his miniatures are a continuation of the tradition in a most ingenious way. Wittingly he personalises some symbols of the past. For instance, the traditional prince of the miniature is out of the kurta (traditional shirt). On his paper, there is a bare kurta captioned Aisha (lmran`s wife) stitches and Imran wears. He tells all those who are still repeating the past that kings are no more here and we are the rulers of our own destinies.

Imrans latest work has taken a very pleasant turn. His work on display at Canvas in September, 2000 seemed to be singing with romance, rapture and ecstasy. There were love letters with delicately drawn motifs. Keeping links with his past work, he had used pages from old books as the borders of his works and touched upon political and technological issues in his miniatures. Whatever the subject, Imran divides his spaces with delicate nuances.

Imran Qureshi graduated in Fine Arts with distinction form National College of Arts, Lahore in 1993 and in a short period of seven years came out of the influence of his teachers pleasantly and successfully. He is a winner of many awards and prizes. His first decoration was a Silver Award from international Children Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan in 1987. Then he received a Bronze Award in 6th National Exhibition of Visual Art, Islamabad, 1994. His alma mater bestowed him with Award of Excellence in 1993. In the same year, he received Haji Mohammad Sharif Award for miniature painting. Imran is engaged in other relevant works. He is an experienced writer, actor and director of several theatre and TV programmes. He has the experience of a set designer for TV shows.

Apart from his two solo exhibitions, Imran has participated in group shows in UK, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and SriLanka.