Lahore Artists Shine In Their Powerful Works


KARACHI, Apr.6: Two print makers from Lahore, Anwar Saeed and Nazish Attaullah have displayed their latest etchings at the Gallery Chawkandi which are redolent of technical finesse and artistic expression.

The two artists teach etching and print making at the national College of Arts in Lahore and have recently organised a modern print workshop at the college which has opened a new world of artistic activities for the art students.

Anwar Saeed is both assertive and imaginative in his social comment on the contemporary issues of the day, using the difficult etching and aquatints medium with great skill and brilliance. He has demonstrated that he can fashion out meaningful artistic statement in a medium that has not been practised widely in Pakistan.

Nazish Attaullah thrives on simplification in a refined way and her thematic approach to the state of women in our midst is touched with artistic and powerful comments. Nazish has used the chaddar symbol with great consistency and her technique of frame within frame has paid off immensely well-designed expressive dividends.

Working together, the two artists have mounted a show that is not only immensely entertaining but has a level that is quite rare in its artistic quality.