Reflections On Relationships

DATED: 9 NOV 2012

KARACHI, Nov 8: The three-day solo exhibition of Nazar Haidris paintings titled Music on Canvas concluded at the Arts Council on Thursday.

Nazar Haidri is a senior artist who first exhibited his artworks in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but then he became engaged in commercial projects and was away from the world of art for quite a few years. His current exhibition which ended at the Arts Council contained those exhibits on which he had been working over the years.

He has a profound interest in eastern classical and semi-classical music. Through his paintings he has tried to fuse the worlds of music and paintings in a manner that they do not come across as separate genres of art, and has succeeded in achieving his goal.

Looking closely at his work will suggest that the shape of a sitar or the sound coming out of a tabla is equally dear to him as, lets say, a line or a brushstroke delineating the contours of a human character or an abstract figure. While doing so, the colours that he has used are varied which symbolise the nature of the realm of music – sad, chirpy, up-tempo, etc.

Nazar Haidri has also paid tribute to the art of dance through his artworks. The paintings on that subject are just as communicative as the ones in which only musical instruments are drawn.-PS

KARACHI, Nov 8: When human relationships are studied in art, that is, through paintings or sculptures, they impart an added flavour of literature to the artworks. This happens because essentially, as the cliché goes, all art reflects life, and minus relationships life is nothing but a still picture with no objects in it. Artist Anwar Saeed tries to explore the sensitivities and convolutions involved in human bonding through his perceptive paintings. An exhibition of his recent works, under way at the Chawkandi Art Gallery, is proof of it.

The figures that Anwar Saeed draws are not outlandish or unidentifiable. They can be found in every nook and cranny of our country. It is the way he draws them against interesting backdrops that elevates them to the above-ordinary level. Homage of the Sacredness of the Straight (acrylic, charcoal on paper) is an example of it.

The artworks that perhaps the artist seems to have driven his point home with great conviction are titled Habits of Being I (acrylic, charcoal on paper) and Habits of Being II (acrylic, collage and charcoal on plywood). The simultaneity of emotions is nicely captured in these pieces. The colours used are not very bright nor are they overly dark, which indicates the grey areas between human associations.

Temporary Situations (acrylic, collage and graphite on plywood) touch upon the everyday aspects of life and it is smartly done only with the inclusion of an umbrella to the artwork.

The exhibition takes a different turn, in a good way, with Dreams Involving Water (acrylic on paper). The character gazing at the fish on top of his head is quite a sight. It could be interpreted in many ways, but then construing such an image would kill the very idea behind it. It is just there to be amazed at, both for the character in the painting as well as for the viewer.

The exhibition will be open until Nov 14.