Ali Gillani, born in 1996, completed his intermediate studies in Fine Arts at Government College (GCU). He is a Lahore-based visual artist who graduated with honors in miniature painting from the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore in 2020. Ali's journey as an artist began early, as he was inspired by art from a young age, consistently winning various art competitions during his school years. Currently, he serves as an art director focusing on creative aspects and is actively involved in the gaming company Artductive Studio. His career also includes a role as a senior concept artist with Disney, contributing his artistic talents to the entertainment world. In addition, Ali has worked as a storyboard artist and art director for various renowned brands such as Shaukat Khanum, Borjan, and Hush Puppies. Ali Gillani is a versatile artist and the owner of Artductive Gaming Studio, specializing in gaming and advertisement projects. His artistic talents extend to caricature art, having worked as a caricature artist for prominent news outlets such as BBC News and the Daily Times. Furthermore, Ali has pursued a passion for film and television, earning recognition in this industry. He has also actively participated in the dramatic society "Alif Adaab." Beyond his artistic endeavors, Ali Gillani is an influential speaker and motivational figure, guiding individuals on their path to success. His dedication to the arts and his aspiration to leave a lasting mark as an exceptional artist continue to drive his career forward.

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