Meher Afroz was born in Lucknow, India and has been an artist and educator since the 1970s. She says, “I observe and interpret human emotions, expressions, values, and attitudes. My work is a journey concerned with the various phases of the evolution of man. My work also expresses my reaction to the present day “rat-race” which has proven to be a cultural and ideological loss. Meher Afroz has exhibited extensively in the country and abroad. She has been honored with several awards and her work is included in important collections.

A Cultivated Dialogue

A Rich Harvest Of Visual Ideas

Agony And Ecstasy

An Artist Looks At Amulets

Art Beat

Art Fest In Bangladesh

Communication Between Human Beings,…

Entering The Third Dimension

Face Values

Fascinating Faces

Fertile Yet Forceful

Masks Of Reality

Mehers Play Of Faces And Masks

Mehr Afroz-Recreating The Past

Mehr Afroz: A Philosopher Artist

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Opening Doors

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